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Summer Term 2001: Kathy Lemaire, Chief Executive of National SLA, visits Doncaster Secondary School Librarians' group to discuss and advise setting up of a  local School Library Association branch.

September 2003: Due to loss and movement of Doncaster School Library staff it is not until now that Lynne Coppendale asks if they mind her getting on with organising the setting up of a local branch. They agree, and offer help.

September - November 2003: Lynne and her invaluable assistant Kay Jackson mail every Secondary, Primary and Independent School in the Yorkshire district inviting them to a meeting to discuss setting up of a local branch.  Over 2,500 mailings!

28th November 2003:  Initial meeting held at Danum School Technology College, Doncaster. Much interest shown, it is confirmed a branch will be set up, and should include Humberside due to precedence in the region. Offers of assistance to set up the next meeting at which a committee and the official constitution would be ratified ensue.
Full minutes of meeting

10th January 2004:  Volunteers Lynne Coppendale, Helen Briggs and Sally Dring meet at St. Peter's School, York, to work through official documentation in preparation for meeting of following week.

16th January 2004:  Official 'setting up meeting', held at St. Peter's School, York.  Constitution was explained and agreed and a committee of 8 were elected.
Full minutes of meeting

February 2004:  All required documentation is sent to SLA national to await their official acceptance of the branch. Also Sally Dring and Lynne Coppendale open the branch bank account. Work starts on the intended courses and events.

16th February 2004: Letter received from Kathy Lemaire, Chief Executive of SLA national to confirm the official acceptance of the Yorkshire and Humberside SLA constitution, and therefore to confirm its official existence.

Now the work really begins...

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